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The Baird Maritime Group is the world's premier maritime publishing house. With over four decades of experience with magazines, trade shows, conferences and online news, we know the global maritime industries inside out and back-to-front.

Our flagship magazine, Work Boat World, launched in 1982, quickly became and remains the clear leader in its field. Work Boat World, which recently celebrated the release of its 400th issue, was the driving force behind the launch of WorkBoatWorld.com, and remains its ideal complement, keeping you up-to-date with all the latest news and issues affecting this great industry.

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Levante – Italian tourist vessel for Capri

A new passenger ferry/tourist vessel for Cooperativa Motoscafisti Capri of Naples, Italy, entered into service in June.

Levante, the name of the new vessel, is characterised by her very special lines. Made of fibreglass, she was designed and built by the FIPA Group's shipyard in Viareggio with the goal of unrestricted, all-round views for at least 100 passengers out of its total complement of 150, comfortably distributed between stern, bow and fly.

"The goal of this choice," explained CMC President, Giuseppe Maggipinto, to WorkBoatWorld.com, "is to provide our guests the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Capri, Sorrento and Amalfi coastline."

Classified for coastal navigation, Levante will be utilised both for island excursions (Grotta Azzurra, Faraglioni), and for transfers to the Gulf of Naples and Salerno. It can be also be used as a luxury private charter vessel, with exclusive and personalised service, with refreshments and parties on board.

With a length of 19.70 metres and 5.40 metres in beam, Levante is powered with MAN Tonissi engines for a cruising speed of 20 knots. Established in 1955, when the fishermen who organised similar excursions at the time decided to create a company to capitalise on the opportunity, the Capri Cooperative is the only authorised boat service company of the island, trans-shipping passengers, luggage and goods to and from docked vessels and ports.

Occupying a private pier of Capri's port (pier "zero"), the fleet covers a range of vessels, including 125- and 150-passenger ships, and over thirty motorboats from 35- to 80-passenger seating capacity.

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