7.5-metre Ultra-Long-Range Workboat (1 for Lease, 1 Under Construction)

7.5-metre Ultra-Long-Range Workboat (1 for Lease, 1 Under Construction)

A completed vessel, Indigo, is currently available for charter. The current production is at hull stage and will be available March 2020.


BtB Marine designed and developed the 7.5m Ultra Long Range Vessel in 2019 for a client in Gladstone, Queensland. This company was in need of a gas compliant security vessel which required very low maintenance powered by a diesel fuel outboard, with a compact size for Inshore and offshore operations.

Key requirements were the need for a long operational range to minimize refueling requirements and being a compact trailerable vessel to allow it to be taken out of the water for 200 hours servicing of the outboard. The vessel also had to have a large enough cockpit to allow a navigator position for the crew member to monitor the FLIR camera for nighttime security work.

One of the unique features of the vessel is that it can be fitted with a fuel tank up to a 900 litres capacity giving a range of over 600 nm. This allows the vessel to undertake long range reconnaissance and patrol work - if called on to do so – as well as offshore dive support.


The vessel is designed to carry out both offshore and inshore operations in a variety of duties such as Harbor Patrol, Hydrographic Survey, Reconnaissance, Dive Construction, Port Security and Environmental Monitory.

BtB marine's vessel design was exactly what the client was looking for. The vessel - being one of the first gas compliant outboard driven vessels that is fueled by diesel - is easily maintained and road transportable if required for remote operations.


Having an ultra long range and large operational envelope with a small vessel was quite a design challenge. It took the BtB Marine team many man hours to work through all of the relevant AMSA regulations. It was also required to have double continuous welding on all impact zones so as to be able to be a fast craft under AMSA regulations. allowing it to be fitted with the New 300 Hp 3 litre OXE if desired.

Designing the ULR750 has further enhanced BtB Marine's capabilities towards small work vessels that are capable of supporting the heavier OXE diesel outboard and the compliances around diesel fuel for small work boats.

The vessel has spacious cab with room for additional storage or desk space. It has a large and comfortable sleeping bunk. All available in this great small vessel. It can be crewed by a coxswain. (depending on operation).

The hull is protected against impact by OCÉAN3 – France – custom fendering system.

Fit out:

The vessel is fitted out with the OXE Diesel 200 Hp 2 litre diesel outboard which is belt driven: removing the need for vertical shafts and bottom end gearbox making it able to deliver 420 torque to the propeller.

The OXE is the world's first high-performance diesel outboard. It combines the reliability and endurance of marine inboards with the flexibility and agility of outboard engines. It is designed and built for the commercial user according to commercial user demands.

The use of highly refined, modern automotive-based engine technology significantly reduces the fuel consumption and provides for industry leading emission levels and subsequent minimized impact on the environment. The emission levels are approved by EPA TIER III, IMO TIER II (MARPOL VI TIER 2) and RCD.

The vessels electronical fit-out: CZone Electronic switching is used to operate all of the electrical components of the vessel. CZone has an extensive 10 year history of providing innovative digital switching to some of the leading premium boat builders across the globe. With one touch CZone's intelligent management simplifies operation by combining multiple circuits through Mode selection, offers effortless Monitoring oversight of key systems and components while retaining advanced Control of specific circuits and functions.

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Subject: WorkBoatWorld.com: 7.5-metre Ultra-Long-Range Workboat (1 for Lease, 1 Under Construction)

General Info
Sub category Multi-purpose work boat
Contract type For Sale
Name of vessel Indigo
Condition Second Hand
Price AU$320,000
Contact BtB Marine (Private Seller)
Phone Show Phone Number AU - +61 (0)7 4125 2034
Flag Australia
Classification AMSA 2C
Country of Build Australia
Year of Build 2019
Build material Aluminium
Country Australia
Town or port Gladstone
Length 7.65 metres / 25' 1"
Beam 3.15 metres / 10' 4"
Depth 1.3 metres / 4' 3"
Draught 0.7 metres / 2' 4"
Gross tonnes 4.3
Net tonnes 1.5
Engines & Propulsion
Main engine/s details Oxe 200/33 inch
Gearbox/es details Electric hydraulic
Propulsion details Outboard
Steering system Seastar power assist/Garmin auto pilot
Cruising speed (knots) 20
Maximum speed (knots) 30
Endurance 600@20 kts
Fuel details Diesel, 900 litres
Crew 1
Passengers 6
Deck machinery Muir 1250 VC winch
Electronics Radar: Garmin 24-m Fantom; Depth sounder: Airmarb150m 12 degree tilt; Radios: 2 x Garmin VHF 115i; Sonar: Panoptixs 3d down scan Garmin; Autopilot: Garmin compact 40 reactor; Compass: Barcelona; GMDSS: VHF + EPIRB; GPS: Garmin; Plotters: 1 x 16 inch, 1 x 12 inch Garmin MFD; AIS: Garmin 800; FLIR M232 thermal camera fwd facing
Other safety equipment NSCV 2C-compliaint
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